Objective :
To support the launch of Meridian Life Balance, new CBD brand focusing on the "new to cbd/cannabis" average adult. This brand is catered toward men & women 35+. The sophisticated, high-end cosmetics user. It has a higher price point, and the story about it is giving users access to cbd products to balance out every aspect of your life. Cream, balm, capsule, & tincture to make it easy to use in any setting. We want the brand to speak to everyone and have. great shelf appeal.

Brand Personality Attributes :
Competent, sophisticated and knowledgable

Target Consumer :
30 - 45 Years Old - All Genders

Interested in Health & Wellness, living a balanced life, taking care of themselves and being generally active.

They are curious about cannabis and cbd, but have never tried it. They want to see a trusted, good looking product on the shelf of a store they trust going to. Even Amazon. Shelf appeal, sleek look, trusted brand, good looking socials, web, and operations. They are most likely into a healthier lifestyle, and luxury cosmetic and beauty products.

Inspiration / Mood Board :

Product Photography :